Frustrated by conflict or people problems?

Have you experienced any of these:

Conflict between yourself and others, or between team members

Lost productivity because you keep thinking about ‘what happened’

Irritation with someone else’s actions (or lack of action)

If you would like to have the tools available to deal with the conflict once and for all, think about this: 

Their resistance is based on their previous experience and is related to how others will see them.

In the meantime, morale and productivity falls, and safety is compromised. If you want to …

– improve your conflict management or conflict resolution skills

– find new ways to cope with stress and tension

– enhance your communicating, persuading, motivating and negotiating skills

You need to contact Dr. Shari Frisinger.  What does she do?  She focuses on addressing all the issues – not just their actions, but the reasons behind words and actions.  She works with leaders who want to change the culture and the atmosphere of their team. These leaders want to experience a higher degree of communication and service.

How does Dr Shari do it? In the way that suits you best – keynote speeches, break-out sessions, in-house training, coaching and overall consulting.

What does that mean to you?

  • Your team is focused on resolving the root cause of the problem, not consistently reacting to symptoms.
  • Increased time because team members handle disagreements themselves instead of involving you each time
  • Reduced stress because of fewer undesirable interactions
  • Real world solutions for real bottom line results

If you are looking for a different, edgier, keynote speaker or facilitator to lead you and your team to permanent, lasting, change, contact Shari to see if she is right for your organization.  Shari’s programs are not for every organization … just for the organizations that want to experience a higher level of productivity, employee engagement and staff morale.

Call or email Shari today for a complimentary consultation to determine if she’s a good fit for your organization.  There is no obligation and nothing to lose….except time-wasters and over-extended meetings!  Click here to learn more about Shari Frisinger.

Click here to download Shari’s One Sheet. [PDF Size: 460k]

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