Frequently Asked Questions

What results does Shari help her clients achieve?

  • Improved bottom line results
  • Increased morale
  • Employees and team members that genuinely desire to give more – more time, more energy, more ideas
  • More time to do what you are good at and what you are being paid to do.
  • More discretionary time
  • Higher quality decisions.

What is her area of expertise?

  • Communications …. Individuals communicate differently and it is incumbent upon each one of us, as the listener and the talker, to be clear in our words and our meanings.

The result? An increase the success of your interactions and the ability to influence and motivate your team to a higher performance

  • Emotional Intelligence …Leaders must objectively oversee their actions and not discount their emotions, or the emotions of their followers.

The result? Connecting your emotions with appropriate action and enhancing your leadership influence and impact

  • Brain/Mind Physiology … Understanding how the neurons in your brain ‘fire’, and how your emotional mind interacts [or is supposed to interact] with your rational mind

The result? Gaining control of your reactions and making sense of your emotional triggers

What makes Shari different from other speakers on Leadership, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Team Building or Customer Service?

  • Her Masters Degree* research is the basis for her expertise
  • Her Doctorate in Executive Leadership research explores the communication aspects of human factors: both behaviors and the mental and emotional aspects of team synergies and leadership. She has expanded this research and its influence on our perceptions and actions.  From this foundation, she continues to collect data, verify and update her findings.
  • In addition to being certified to administer and interpret EI and behavioral assessments, she has researched and incorporated her own original findings into her content.

She has researched the area of Emotional Intelligence thoroughly and created her own set of workbooks to supplement the assessment that she administers.  In addition, she has produced an EI Mentoring Program to supplement her hands-on workshops.

Shari has had success using a variety of methods, founded in her research, to dig deep to the root cause of the situation.  She does not accept or stop at ‘surface’ responses, knowing that only puts a band-aid on the symptoms.  Not addressing the real, deep down explanation will only cause the problem to surface again … and again …. and again.

Tell me more about Shari’s Master’s Degree research

Shari’s Master’s Degree is from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  The human factors required course prompted a key question:  What was the cause of Captainitis, and how prevalent is it today?

She surveyed professional pilots on their communication style and presented her research at the Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar [CASS] in conjunction with Flight Safety Foundation and National Business Aviation Association.

She has continued this research to include entire flight departments, including directors, chief pilots, pilots, schedulers/dispatchers, flight attendants and maintenance personnel. This research is an integral part of what separates her from others.

She has helped improve sales and customer service interactions to deepen relationships and proactively serve their customers.

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