About Dr. Shari Frisinger

An expert in changing behaviors,  Dr. Shari Frisinger works with leaders to transform thoughts and behaviors by increasing their Emotional Intelligence Skills.
A dynamic keynote speaker, corporate trainer, consultant, executive coach and facilitator, Dr. Shari Frisinger has impacted the bottom line of organizations for decades.

As President of CornerStone Strategies LLC in Houston Texas,  Dr. Frisinger designs and conducts  leadership hands-on, real-world workshops and executive one-on-one coaching tailored to leaders that want to improve their bottom line through enhanced interpersonal skills. Her expertise lies in increasing Emotional Intelligence skills and capitalizing on conflict resolution to create a high performing organization.

Shari’s Doctor in Executive Leadership provides more in-depth analysis and concentrated research into Emotional Intelligence and managing change and conflict.

She is an adjunct professor at the University of Charleston, teaching the core undergraduate courses in Organization Leadership. She has also co-created three Master level courses in Crisis Leadership for a Masters in Strategic Leadership degree.

Shari’s credentials includes:

  • Certified by several associations to administer and interpret Emotional Intelligence instruments
  • Licensed to distribute and analyze social intelligence assessments
  • Certified by the National Business Aviation Association [NBAA] as a Professional Development Provider

In addition, her service to the community and industry includes:

  • National Speaker Association, Houston Chapter, Vice President & Programs Chair 2009-2010 / Secretary 2008-2009
  • Women in Aviation International, Space City Chapter,
    President 2005-2006.  Various other board positions held
  • National Association of Women Business Owners [NAWBO],
    Houston Chapter, President 2003-2004. Various other board positions held

Clients include: WATS, Boeing, Chevron, General Dynamics, Johnson & Johnson, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, Hawaiian Airlines, GE, Pepsico, Universal Weather & Aviation, BNYMellon, Aramco, United Space Alliance, Wencor/Dixie Aerospace, NBAA, City of Houston Airport Systems, NAWBO, National Contract Management Association, WTS.

Shari’s informative articles have been published in: Exchange Magazine, AG Professional, The Queens Courier, Furniture World Magazine, Security Magazine, International MBA and Investor’s Business Daily.

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