How strong is your safety culture?

How strong is your safety culture?

What you are thinking directs what you do. 

Do you recognize when you are distracted? Or when you are irritated, frustrated, annoyed, or impatient? And how this affects others?

Aviation safety the ability to work effectively in a closely confined space for hours; long periods of time spent away from home; adapting, adjusting and quickly acclimating to sudden and unexpected changes.

You and your crew need relevant and realistic techniques based on real-world events that have proven and effective results.  You want systematic methods and processes you can immediately put into practice.

How do you get these methods and techniques?

Dr. Shari’s Human Factors/TEM/CRM sessions integrate actions and behaviors, critical thinking,and conflict resolution that allow every member of your flight department to participate in the discussions.  The results:  A higher level of team performance both inside and outside the cockpit.

Dr. Shari Frisinger earned her Master’s degree from ERAU.  Her Doctorate concentrates on the human factors arena that includes behaviors, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and crew/team synergies within flight department crew members.

As a presenter at many National Business Aviation Association [NBAA] conferences and facilitating CRM for flight departments, Dr. Frisinger has seen and heard about the challenges facing aviation.  Dr. Frisinger’s research findings have been presented at CASS, WATS and in her CRM seminars.

Dr. Shari continues her research into ‘why did it makes sense for’ that action, her affiliation with NBAA and as faculty in university aviation departments.  Contact Shari for specifics on these courses and to discover how you can earn NBAA certificates from the PDP and SPDP Programs.


NBAA PDP courses offered by SFrisinger

“Friction Control and Listening Skills”,

Conflict Resolution

Emotional Intelligence in aviation:

Did the Captain’s lack of empathy play a key factor in the February 2009 Colgan Air 3407 Accident Analysis

How much did the lack of internal and external situational awareness affect the UA 232 EI Aviation White Paper Analysis

If you missed Dr. Shari’s EI Aviation Accident Webinar on the Colgan Air accident, you can still benefit from the information.

Emotionally Enabled article in FlightSafety’s AeroSafety World

The Makeup of Corporate Flight Departments is based on Dr. Shari’s on-going research and corporate flight department CRM sessions

Dr. Shari’s aviation clients include Pfizer, FirstEnergy Corp, Yum! Brands,  and Aramco have benefited from Shari’s CRM sessions.  Other aviation companies such as Dixie Aerospace, GE Aviation and Wencor have taken advantage of Shari’s expertise.  Crew members from Chevron, Boeing, ExxonMobil, General Dynamics, John Deere, BNYMellon, IBM, Pentastar, KeyCorp and Enterprise Rent-A-Car have attended Dr. Shari’s programs.

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