Learned and Selective Perception

When we are under stress, we regress to the behaviors that we are most comfortable with, the ones that we can do without conscious thought.In the middle of an argument, we may find we behave the same way we did … Continue reading

Stick your tongue out ….

….and touch your elbow. Come on, let’s see you do that.I’ll wait while you try.La-la-la-la.Tra-la-la-la.Fa-la-la-la. How’d you do?Were you successful? No?Hmm … let’s take this in two steps: <!–[if !supportLists]–>1.<!–[endif]–>Stick your tongue out.  I think we all know how to … Continue reading

Leadership Lessons Learned

At a recent Leadership workshop I facilitated, we opened the session sharing our ‘lessons learned’. Three had to do with listening and 12 had to do with effective communication. Among the responses were “check for understanding”, “avoid being judgmental”, “quick … Continue reading

"Fighting Words"

Words can comfort us, excite us, or set us off. There is a one in five chance that our message will be misunderstood. When we use words that immediately raise the defenses of the receiver of our messages, these words … Continue reading

Writing [Alphabet] Letters?

I emailed a vendor to explain why, at nearly 9 pm on Sunday, I did not answer the phone. I told her that Sunday evenings I typically relax and write letters. This may sound clear, but to anyone that has … Continue reading

Thank you in different ways

How often do you give thanks for all that you have … family, health, attitude, food, home and clothing ….. How do you thank the people in your life? How many different ways can you find to say ‘thank you’? Let … Continue reading

Empathy on the Supreme Court

The most recent Supreme Court Justice appointee has been getting a lot of publicity, as expected.  These Justices handle perhaps the most difficult judgment cases in the United States.  This is where all appeals end.  Depending on the viewpoints of … Continue reading

47% Not Spent on Work

I found another article that states workers admit to 47% of the time spent on-line at work has nothing at all to do with their work tasks. 47%!! That’s amazing! The article goes on to state that 60% of people … Continue reading

If you can't read ….

Recently Stephen King said this: I don’t want to sound like an ad, a public service ad on TV, but the fact is if you can read, you can walk into a job later on. If you don’t, then you’ve … Continue reading

Captainitis in a Different Light

Captainitis, the phenomenon that occurs when subordinates do not speak up to “the person in charge”, can rear its ugly head in many ways. In February 1980, a United Airlines career second officer [based on his lower than desired level … Continue reading