Is Ethical the same as Right?

If you do the right thing, are you doing the ethical thing?  Is the right behavior, or response, always the ethical response?  Think about it …. I was watching a rerun of Frasier when Frasier and his dad, Martin, had … Continue reading

Business Insights Interview

I recently was interviewed by Bruce May, CEO of The Expert Knowledge Network. We had quite a conversation about emotional intelligence, aviation, coaching and the mind. Be sure to listen in … and let me know how this information pertains … Continue reading

Natural Behavioral Styles … Better Than Talent?

The New Mexico Business Weekly had an interesting article. It stated that research has shown that knowing someone’s natural behavioral style how they act and react in situations will help you match them to the position that will keep them … Continue reading

Ambiguous Assessment Questions

I recently took an emotional intelligence assessment on-line. It was interesting, as many of them are. I had challenges answering three questions: I get bored with many activities and hobbies Now does this mean that I get bored if I … Continue reading

Oh no! How did I misread that?

Don’t you just love conference break out session descriptions? Now I have written my share of them, and I do realize that the words you use to describe the session can mean the difference between a standing room only crowd … Continue reading

Surface Level or Deep Thinker?

Think of your staff … each one uses a different thought process  when faced with a challenge. Some will look at the personal side and how it will affect the team, others look at the situation from a strictly-business perspective.  … Continue reading

Emotional Motivations

How much of your motivation is based on your feelings?  And how much is based on logical needs? Every decision we make is made with our emotions, and we justify with logic.  When we spend money, it gives us a high.  The … Continue reading

Early in life teachings

Early in life we are taught to play nice and follow the Golden Rule. As we grow up and enter the business world, we find out that there are different ways to play nice. Others (or our own) behaviors can … Continue reading

The Status of Conflict

Inter-team conflict will never go away.  One of the basics that needs to be discussed among the team members is “How do you feel about conflict?”  Is conflict neutral?  or does it cause emotions to run high?  I contend that it is our … Continue reading

Ways to Deal With Overwhelm

Each side of our brain can succumb to overwhelm. And there are two distinctly different ways to overcome overwhelm. Your left brain is your logical brain, your analytical and logical thought, along with your math and science skills reside here. … Continue reading