React and the situation manages you

Respond and you are in control

Today’s world is a dominant knowledge-based complex organization. Organizations require a multifaceted leader, one who is able to guide, lead, empower, envision and motivate. To effectively do this, these leaders must possess certain values, attitudes and behaviors.

Dr. Shari Frisinger provide emotional intelligence and a method of behavioral situation awareness techniques to more effectively:

  • Strengthen your leadership talent
  • Foster a safety conscious environment
  • Increase productivity and bottom line results
  • Lead more effectively and with less stress
  • Move others to proactively resolve issues
  • Remain composed even in the most challenging situations

She can work with you in several ways:

  • One-on-one consulting. This method targets your specific areas of concern and provides you with alternatives to solve your issues.
  • Consulting for your team. In-house sessions are combined with conference calls which serve as reminders for behavior changes, and gives everyone an opportunity to share their successes.
  • In-house programs. These events allow us to go deeper into any issues or challenges facing you and your team. It’s real-world, hard-hitting and we use your actual environment and experiences.

Dr. Frisinger’s RADAR Leadership Coaching Program is designed to give you confidence in appropriately handling a crisis or a conflict situation, or in dealing with difficult employees, colleagues or clients.   Contact her for a no-cost 20 minute consultation to see if you are a fit for this program.

For additional details, visit our Aviation Page or our Workshops Page or review the Assessments that we offer

Download Shari’s keynotes and breakout session information and call her today to work with your conference or team.

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