All you need is …. remember we’re in the workplace

I gave a Supervisor and Communications seminar recently to first and second level supervisors.  One of the topics the President wanted me to discuss was “How do you let your direct reports, and others that are not your direct reports, … Continue reading

Quick Communique: Points to Ponder Confusion vs. Clarity

“Confusion and ambiguity kills; clarity keeps us safe.” Anonymous How many times have you given instructions only to have an outcome not at all what you thought it would be?  For instance, you are driving down the road and are … Continue reading

State of Mind

What importance does your state of mind play in your communication interactions? Does it really make a difference if you are 100% focused on your conversation … on both sides of the conversation? When we are preoccupied and have a … Continue reading

What did I really mean?

I recently gave a speech at the evening meeting of a NAPM chapter in Florida, and followed it up with a four-hour seminar the next day that encompassed emotional and social intelligence, and problem solving. We had just completed an … Continue reading

I did not interpret ….

I had to go to an attorney to look over a many-page legal document. I do not like to deal in details, especially legalese-details. Just to be sure, I thought having an attorney review it would be in my best … Continue reading

Communication and Autism

I saw on the news that a 13-year old girl, Carly, who is severely autistic, is now communicating on the computer. Her parents were astounded when, two years ago, Carly typed out some words. She is communicating, through the voice … Continue reading

To Fluff … or not to fluff

One of my passions, and as luck would have it, most popular workshops is the one on communicating in the way that your listener needs to be communicated to.  In other words, talk slower to those that talk slower, and … Continue reading

The Habits of the Mind ….

Time for Points to Ponder The Habits of Mind of Professional Behavior* … This can bring up many different habits — think before speaking, don’t cuss or use inappropriate words, keep an open mind ….. and these may have a direct … Continue reading

Where did I go wrong?

I just found my old phone, [the red one on the left pictured above] and I recalled when I had a problem with the battery . It was on yellow [red means it is nearly completely depleted]. I connected it … Continue reading

Why Won't She Answer Me?

When you procrastinate, or when you think someone else is procrastinating, do you know why they are doing it? Could it be that the other person doesn’t have enough information to make a decision they feel comfortable with? I was … Continue reading