Assumptions and interpretations

If you believe the research that your eyes sends bits and pieces of information about your environment to your brain and that this information what you believe is true based on your past emotional experiences.  Are you seeing and interpreting the situation the same way everyone else is?  Is there (more…)

"I trust you" to do what?

How many times do you hear what you want to hear, or understand someone else’s words from your own perspective?  In a leadership course I led, ‘trust’ was an interesting topic.  That is one of this company’s core values, and the discussion took an interesting turn. One participant shared his (more…)

In the spaces provided …. solution

Write the word communicate _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Did you solve it?  If not, let me show you: _c_o_m_m_u_n_i_c_a_t_e_ How’d you do?  Remember, It’s not what I said, it’s what you think you heard

In the spaces provided ….

Print the word communicate _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Yes, in the spaces provided above, please print the word communicate. This is not a trick, you need no special glasses, pen or magnifying glass. (more…)

Tossing Aside Money

Training and/or facilitating classes is a great way to get different perspectives of sometimes obvious decisions. I have been fortunate in the past two weeks to give a three-day three- college-credit course, a one-day seminar on Goal Setting and Performance Evaluations and a three-day leadership course for new supervisors. (more…)

Reinforcing “Hip!” “Paw!”

My recent trip to the Houston Zoo was quite fascinating.  Because it was a cloudy day and rain was predicted, there were very few people walking around.  We were fortunate to chat with one of the big cat trainers as he was giving one of the lionesses her morning ‘treats’.  Jonathan, (more…)

Where did I go wrong?

My Razr cell phoneback of phone I just found my old phone, [the red one on the left pictured above] and I recalled when I had a problem with the battery . It was on yellow [red means it is nearly completely depleted]. I connected it to the charger and walked away. Several hours later I checked on it and found out it could not be charged. I knew the battery had to be reset, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the back cover off! I called customer service and told my sad tale of woe to the customer rep. He told me to turn the phone over and, by the hinge, there was a place to push in to unhook the clasp to get the back cover off. The only thing I could find was a circle close to the ‘vent’ to push in. I confirmed that that was what I was to push. He reassured me it was. Here I was, using a pen to push in this little circle [seen above on the upper left corner of the black phone], trying to push in and remove the back of the phone. I pushed and pulled and tried to move, using not only the pen tip but also a small butter knife and a h’ors d’oeuvres fork! All to no avail. The customer service rep was oh-so-very-patiently waiting. I finally, after nearly breaking the phone, found the right area to push. It was not at all close to where I was pushing. There is a small silver area about 1/2″ [on the back of the phone] from the camera eye on the front of the phone. Once I clicked that, the back panel came off with (more…)

Early in life teachings

Early in life we are taught to play nice and follow the Golden Rule. As we grow up and enter the business world, we find out that there are different ways to play nice. Others (or our own) behaviors can lead to frustration and general misunderstandings of situations. None of (more…)

Ways to Deal With Overwhelm

Each side of our brain can succumb to overwhelm. And there are two distinctly different ways to overcome overwhelm.

Your left brain is your logical brain, your analytical and logical thought,

along with your math and science skills reside here. Your left brain works most efficiently when it is naming and categorizing, or when dealing with the 3 R’s [reading, writing, arithmetic]. Information is managed in sequential manner.

Your right brain is your creative brain, your intuition, creativity and art and music sensors come from this side. Your right brain whirls when it encounters opportunities to use imagination and non-verbal information. Information does not have to be in any sort of pattern.

When you are left-brained overwhelmed [too much work to do in too little time], you are spinning in a logical quagmire. The best thing to do is to unleash your creative side: color [outside the lines], sing, dance, exercise …. any activity that you don’t really have to ‘think’ to do.

When you are right-brained overwhelmed, review multiplication tables in your head! That’ll quickly get your left brain engaged so your right brain can take a breather.


Are they not listening?

Why don’t we tell others how to manage or communicate with ourselves? This seems like a very simple concept, doesn’t it? Think about how much easier, or simpler, our lives would be if we were forthright with this information. Aahh Behold the Ultimate Truth! (more…)